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When people depend on you to power their homes and businesses, you depend on Southern Transport.

We specialize in hauling the heavy equipment you need to power the nation. From generators to transformers, we haul it all—intact, on time, and within budget.

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Meeting Your Heavy Hauling Needs in the Power Generation Sector


Southern Transport understands the complexities of hauling heavy equipment across the county or the country. We can ensure that your transformers arrive safely, efficiently, and economically.


Restore power quickly and cost-effectively when you rely on Southern Transport to deliver your generators on schedule. We engineer solutions that address your generator transportation problems.


Heavy Power Plant Equipment

You work tirelessly to meet the demands for electricity in your community. When outages occur due to faulty equipment, you need our expertise and experience to haul the heavy equipment you need to your power plant.

Other Supplies

Whether you’re facilitating a construction or parts replacement project in the power generation industry, Southern Transport can deliver all the equipment and supplies you need to complete your project with precision.

Why Choose Southern Transport for Generator and Transformer Hauling

Safety and Reliability

Minimize downtime and maximize output when you rely on Southern Transport to deliver your power generation equipment safely and reliably—on schedule and without defect.

Customized Solutions

Our dedicated team of professionals develops solutions that will meet the specific needs of your unique project, regardless of the location of your power plant.

Industry Expertise

Don’t worry about a thing. The experts at Southern Transport will handle all the logistics required to move your transformers, generators, and other heavy equipment with ease.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of transportation specialists has decades of experience in heavy hauling for the power generation sector, ensuring your equipment arrives without incident.

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Transformer and Generator Transport Services

Minimize power supply disruption when a transformer or generator fails at your facility. Call Southern Transport to deliver the equipment you need to get your power plant running smoothly once again.

We don’t just transport transformers and generators. We collaborate with grid operators and local authorities to ensure minimal disruption to the power supply and to the surrounding community.

Contact Southern Transport without delay.

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