Southern Transport, LLC

Heavy Hauling Transportation in Texas

From our humble beginnings with a single one-ton truck and gooseneck trailer, Southern Transport has grown to harbor a fleet of trucks and heavy equipment assembled with quality service in mind.

We are capable of handling heavy lifting, hauling, logistics, and distribution needs for businesses throughout the state of Texas and beyond. Together with our sister companies, our core philosophy revolves around establishing new mutually beneficial relationships by growing our network of customers throughout the United States. For more information on our company, our equipment, and our team of highly qualified, talented drivers and equipment operators, contact Southern Transport today.

Our Equipment

Our Yards

With yards in both West Texas and East Texas, Southern Transport can handle the toughest, heaviest jobs throughout our great state and far beyond. If you have a big job that needs crane trucks, crawler cranes, heavy hauler trucks, winch trucks, and more, we have the equipment and expertise you need to get the job done.

East Texas Yard

24291 FM 1252
Gladewater, TX 75647

West Texas Yard

2200 E CR 120
Midland, TX 79706


across the state of texas

We also have several sister companies, listed below, to better assist our customers in making the logistics side of their job planning easier. You can make one phone call and have most of your project covered.

  • Southern Lifting and Hoisting
    1. 60 Ton Hydraulic Cranes
    2. 110 Ton Hydraulic Cranes
    3. 140 Ton Hydraulic Cranes
    4. 210 Ton Hydraulic Cranes
    5. 275 Ton Hydraulic Cranes
    6. 300 Ton Hydraulic Cranes
  • Southern Supply House
    1. From ear plugs to high pressure flow back iron, your one stop shop for all of your job site needs.
  • Southern Freight Lines
    1. General freight carrier that specifically handles over the road transport via flatbed, step deck, or dry van.
  • Southern Logistics
    1. The brains behind the larger projects that take countless hours of planning. This team has over 80 years of combined experience and is guaranteed to make planning your next big project easier.

Southern Transport’s crane trucks are some of the simplest to use, most cost-effective ways to lift upwards of 70 tons with ease. We provide the highest quality hydraulic, telescopic crane trucks on the market to our customers throughout the state of Texas.
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Southern Transport utilizes its 6 high-performance crawler cranes to move the heaviest loads safely and efficiently for our customers. Our team can make short work of the toughest jobs imaginable with these heavy duty pieces of equipment.
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The experienced team at Southern Transport utilizes our 25 four-axle heavy haul trucks to the best of our abilities, moving the heaviest and biggest loads in Texas to any destination you have in mind.
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winch TRUCKS

Our fleet of over 20 winch trucks offer us to have the ability to load and transport all of our customers skid mounted assets. We specialize in the transportation of natural gas compressor packages and complete rig moves. All of our operators have at least 10 years of experience in this field, all with zero recordable accidents, and are sure to impress when they show up on your job site.
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East & WEST Texas


Southern Transport is always looking to add new members for our team! If you are an ambitious, professional individual looking to work with a leader in the transportation and heavy hauling industry, fill out an online application or contact us ASAP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered heavy hauling?

Heavy hauling refers to the transportation of oversized or overweight freight, which exceeds the standard legal size and weight limits for the roadways. This typically includes large machinery, construction equipment, industrial components, and other massive objects.

How is the cost for heavy hauling determined?

The cost is determined based on various factors, including the weight and dimensions of the cargo, distance traveled, route complexity, any required permits, and additional equipment or escort vehicles.

How long does it take to organize a heavy haul transport?

Preparation time can vary, but typically, you should allow several days to a week. This allows time for route planning, permit acquisition, and ensuring that the necessary equipment is available.

Are there restrictions on when heavy haul shipments can travel?

Yes, many jurisdictions have specific travel times for oversized loads, often limiting travel during peak hours or night-time to ensure safety and minimize traffic disruptions.

What safety measures are in place during the transportation process?

Safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety standards, including thorough equipment checks, trained drivers, route evaluations, and compliance with all applicable regulations.