Manufacturing Industry Heavy Hauling

Cost-Effective Heavy Haulers in Texas

Maximize profits with cost-effective heavy haul services from Southern Transport.

Southern Transport has the experience to safely transport the materials and equipment you need no matter what you make in the manufacturing industry … all in a timely manner and at a competitive price.

We specialize in hauling:

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Southern Transport’s Heavy Haul Services

Machinery and Equipment

Southern Transport understands the complexities of transporting heavy equipment across the state or across the country. We guarantee your specialized machinery and equipment will arrive at its destination safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Finished Products

Southern Transport has the specialized equipment and logistical experience to create solutions for all of your finished product transport needs. Our team of transportation specialists will treat your finished products like the precious cargo they are. If you manufacture it, we can ship it.


Raw Materials

Southern Transport ships the materials you need to manufacture your unique products. From structural steel and alloys to cast iron and copper, we are equipped to transport metals of all kinds, as well as minerals, lumber, rubber, plastics, and other composites.

And More

Southern Transport is your partner in the manufacturing industry. From raw materials to finished product, we can help you bring your vision to life. Let us know what you need transported, and we can probably accommodate your request.

Why Choose Southern Transport for Heavy Equipment Transport

Safety and Reliability

Ensure minimal downtime. Maximize productivity. Trust Southern Transport to safely and reliably deliver your raw materials or machinery and equipment on time and without defects.

Customized Solutions

Our dedicated team of professionals tailors logistical solutions to meet the specific requirements of your unique project, no matter where your manufacturing facility is located.

Industry Expertise

Rest assured, Southern Transport's logistics experts and operators will manage all aspects of transporting your raw materials, heavy equipment, and finished products efficiently and effortlessly.

Experienced Professionals

With decades of experience in heavy hauling for manufacturers, our team of transportation specialists guarantees the safe arrival of your materials, equipment, or products without incident.

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For Seamless Transport and Lifting

If your ultra heavy materials or machinery needs to be lifted into place, Southern Transport has you covered. Our sister company, Southern Lifting and Hoisting, has a complete fleet of highly specialized cranes for hoisting or lifting virtually anything, virtually anywhere.

Rely on Southern Transport to handle your project from start to finish. Your raw materials, machinery or equipment, and finished products are in capable hands.

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