Transport & Hauling of Heavy Construction & Material &  Equipment

We Handle All the Logistics

You’ve got enough on your plate as is, let us handle the transportation.

Southern Transport handles the hauling logistics from start to finish, so all you have to do is tell us what, where, and when. We handle everything else.

Our specialized heavy hauling services can meet your unique needs. Your most critical equipment and materials will be there on time and intact.

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Our Construction Hauling Services

Construction Equipment and Materials

We make sure that oversized equipment and construction materials get to your job site on time and safely.

Delivering Supplies to Job Sites

No matter what supplies your site needs, we’ll make sure you get them when you need them.


Precast Concrete, Steel Beams, HVAC Units

Your largest units and materials can’t be hauled by just anyone. Choose Southern Transport for on-time, safe delivery.

And More

If it’s heavy and it needs to get to your jobsite, Southern Transport can handle it. Call us today to schedule services.

Why Choose Southern Transport?


We’ve been hauling oversized equipment and materials since 2006. We have a proven track record of safety and success.


When anything goes wrong, it can significantly alter your project’s timeline. We make sure our process is as efficient as it is safe so you always run on time.


When you need your materials and equipment at the jobsite, there’s no room for error. When you need us, we’re there–every time.

Customized Solutions

We adjust to fit your needs. No matter what you need or when you need it, we’ll find a way to ensure that you have it.

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Your project needs to run on time. Any delay can result in extra costs and cut into your bottom line.

Southern Transport has been helping your projects run smoothly since 2006. Contact us today for a consultation.